Frequently Asked Questions

What are the instructions for installing a BevStow?

Step 1 Insert the suction cups into the three holes located on the rail
Step 2 Use a damp cloth and be sure to clean the area under your shelf where
you would like your BevStow mounted.
Step 3 Place the rail perpendicular to the back of the refrigerator and push
the rail upwards until the suction cups fully depress and stick to glass underneath.
Step 4 Slide the beverage cup onto rail until it clicks.
Step 5 Simply insert your beverage into the cup.

How can I be assured that the suction cups will hold over time?

Our suction cups hold up to 10lbs each and are design and rated to hold on glass shelves in extreme temperatures ranging from (-20F -29C) to 120F (49C).

Will the suction cups work on any surface?

We recommend attaching our suction cups to dry, clean, smooth, refrigerator glass shelves. Please push the suctions cups up hard until they are fully depressed.

Is BevStow dishwasher safe?

It is best to hand wash in warm water. If the suction cups need to be cleaned, wash in warm soapy water then dry gently with a lint-free cloth.

Where can I purchase this product?

On our website and Amazon. It is intended to be available in select retail stores in the near future.